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Initiative For A Stable Sustainable Energy Supply


DSJ Holdings has entered into a long-term agreement of PKS fuel supply with PT Niaga Indo Alam.

Under the responsibility of both parties, we will strive to comply with the RSB certification in all operations from the procurement of raw materials to the final supply to the customers, and thereby to build a safer and more stable operational system, and to aim for a long-term stable supply of PKS.


Source of Supply of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS):

  1. Niaga Indo Alam Inc. (NIA)

Jl. R.A. Kartini 123 (2F) Kel. Dr. Soetomo, Kec. Tegalsari, Surabaya 60264, Jawa Timur - Indonesia

➣Palm plantation list

Application by NIA for Roundtable for Roundtable Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) Certification for PKS fuel (RSB Global Fuel Certification) was already filed and currently being processed as well.


Preparations toward the acquisition of RSB Certification:

1)Starting with the assessment of raw material suppliers, we shall prepare operational list and job flow chart, identifying practices that need to be revised and formulating a revised plan in order to enable us to perform a clear analysis of all operations including current operation methods, operation systems, labor management and export control operations.

2) Once the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is eradicated, we shall send our operation manager to NIA, who will conduct an on-site inspection and carry out verification process whether the revised proposal meets the principles and standards stipulated by the RSB certification body.

3) Responsible managers to be appointed by the both companies shall review the realization of the revised plans.

4) Implement each revised proposal in order to thoroughly check if there is any operational problem. If any problem should be recognized, such proposal shall be repeatedly re-examined and verified.

5) Upon confirmation that each revised proposal causes no operational problem, such plan shall be implemented normally for three months for any possible further verification.

6) When it is fully confirmed that all the inspected items comply with the RSB certification regulations, audit presentation list shall be prepared for auditing purposes.

DSJ Holdings Inc.

Izumi Hara

President & CEO