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Torrefaction Technology on EFB /OPT

Problems of EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) and OPT (Old Palm Trunk)


EFB is the residue produced after the fruit is taken out of FFB (Full Fruit Bunch) and usually piled up in the open without any utilization. OPT is the trunk of old palm tree, which is usually disposed as waste, as it does not bear any fruit when it goes more than 25 years old.

EFB and OPT emit hydrochloric gas and Dioxin when burnt, as they contain Chlorine, Potassium and Sodium.
Since Chlorine gas (Cl2) and hydrochloric gas (HCl) corrode the metallic materials severely, they cause critical damage to the boilers and other facilities at the power plant.

Such contents as Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) cause the ash adhesion such as fouling and slugging, resulting in the severe deterioration of the boiler.

Reduction Technology of Potassium/Chlorine

Our exclusive business partner, DSJ has developed the new technology to reduce chlorine and potassium, contained in EFB and OPT by making the use of decontamination technology of the radiation-tainted water,
This purification system has been verified by the Decontamination Project promoted by the Ministry of Environment. Our new technology has been very much inspired by such basic idea and we have taken notice of the fact that Chlorine and Potassium fall into the same element group (Alkali metal) as Cesium, which led to the success of our development of detoxification technology.

EFB/OPT Torrefied Fuel Process Flow


Collecting the discarded EFB and OPT

Crushing the collected EFB and OPT by the crusher

Torrefied EFB/OPT fuel