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Providing PKS

Deoxidize PKS by using DSJ’s Torrefaction technology

High quality carbide with various features can be manufactured by Torrefaction Machine (special type of equipment developed by our exclusive business partner DSJ, which has the functions of deoxidization, sterilization and torrefaction).

  • Materials with high moisture content can also be used
  • Dissolving hazardous gas and dioxin
  • Eliminating odor
  • Low running cost
  • Gas-powered generation using dry distillation gas (under development)
  • Turbine power generation using hot water and steam


Moisture content is less than 1% and calorific value is equivalent to that of coal

※The chart below can be seen by side scrolling

Items Units PKS(1D)150℃ PKS(1D)200℃ PKS(1D)250℃ Display base Analysis method
Higher calorific value kj/kg 20,780 20,690 21,870 a.d JIS M 8814
Higher calorific value kj/kg 4,960 4,960 5,220 a.d JIS M 8814
Lower calorific value kj/kg 19,370 19,290 20,530 a.d JIS M 8814
Lower calorific value kcal/kg 4,630 4,610 4,900 a.d JIS M 8814
Inherent moisture % 0.8 0.9 0.9 a.d JIS M 8814

※a.d:Air-dried basis

※The amount of the sample used in this experiment: 30.0g

Analysis made by Suncoh Environmental Research Center Co., Ltd.

Grindability Improvement (HGI: Hardgrobve Grindability Index)

Torrefation improves the HGI of PKS and facilitates its use for co-firing with PVC.

HGI(torrefied PKS)

Table Test result example of coal for power generation

※Lower HGI indicates lower grindability

※The chart below can be seen by side scrolling

Industrial analysis value (%) Calorific value
Moisture Ash Volatility Fixed carbon kcal/kg HGI
A 5.30 25.64 37.22 41.94 5,582 39.4
B 14.77 42.40 28.80 14.10 2,960 46.1

Improvement of Spontaneous combustion resistance

Spontaneous combustion resistance is improved by semi-carbonization, and the safety of fuel storage is improved. Also, the biodegradability resistance is improved.

Measurement result of carbide spontaneous combustion characteristics

PKS Lower Calorific Value and Weight/Volume Yield

PKS Weight Energy Density @ 200℃ * Sterilization Processing

Weight Energy Density @ 300℃ * Coal Co-firing fuel

Comparison (PKS and Coal)

※The chart below can be seen by side scrolling

Shape 1 2 3 4 5
Calorific value (kcal/kg) 3,890 4,610 5,710 6,960 6,960
Moisture (%) 14.3 0.8 0.3 0.2 10~15
Grindability (HGI) 13.5 14.5 21.3 35.3 40~60
Co-firing (%)
VE density (kcal / L) 2,256 2,628 3,049 3,090 4,400~5,700
Volatility content (%) 74.8 74.6 52.3 16.6 15~30
Water resistant
Biodegradable resistant
Spontaneous combustion

Important Notes:

  • *All the data values described on our web site are just the typical examples and will not fit to every kind of product.
  • *These values are obtained under the different conditions of each respective experimental cases and will not guarantee the resulting data.
  • *All the data used in our web site are subject to the change without previous notice.