DSJ Holdings Inc.

Fred S. Endo, Chairman of the Board

Fred S. Endo

Fred Satoshi Endo began his international business career in 1959 at an American trading company immediately after graduating from university. Soon thereafter, he established his own international trading company, gaining various experiences in every aspect of international business deals.

In 1976, he established Interconsul Inc., an international consulting firm, with the goal of applying his experience and the human networks he has established to date in various countries of the world. This international consulting practice has led to his involvement in various projects and further expanded his networks in many countries not just business leaders, but the world's foremost political leaders, among them President Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, and other dignitaries.

In the various projects, to which he has contributed guiding advice, he has in certain instances been solicited to act as president of newly formed companies, including a joint -venture company of Marriott Corporation and a certain economic organization in Japan. He has also been instrumental in concluding numerous major deals (M&As, TOBs, LBOs, etc.) in collaboration with long-time friend and business partner, Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who is himself an international corporate strategist, investment banker and expert on China.

In early 2016, in response to entreaties from President Hara, Mr. Endo assumed office as Chairman of the Board of DSJ Holdings Inc. with the mandate to identify major applications for the epochal patents held by this company.